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"My 'AHA moment' comes when I step aboard the coach and am ready to head out for a tour; it is at this moment that I know I’ve made the right choice.

Having been in the tour industry for almost 30 years, it is refreshing to have our travelers’ comment on the cleanliness of the equipment and friendliness of the team at Ayr Coach Lines. "

Kelly Fields
Owner of Fields Trips

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From beginning to end, our staff work together to ensure that you can travel anywhere with happy groups. Our customers return to us often for the level of customer service excellence we deliver.

Trust Our History

We have a long history of staff, drivers, and mechanics who know our fleet of vehicles. We are passionate about hitting the open road with your safety, comfort, and experience top-of-mind.

Trust our Experience

We are experienced logistics professionals. Our team strives to optimize routes for your travel. Behind the scenes, we can support your trips with dedication, on-road support, and reliable timing.

“Ayr Coach Lines is my chosen coach provider for my tour company. They meet the requirements that I need from a transportation perspective as they deliver safe and reliable transportation every time.

My passengers enjoy many ‘Miles of Smiles’ during the tour season and I appreciate the professional delivery of product from Ayr Coach Lines.”

Maureen Forbes, Beyond Borders Travel & Tours

Vehicles to Meet Your Needs

You spend your valuable time planning out the destination and personalized experience of your group travel. Do not waste time worrying about the vehicles and logistics which will bring your vision into life!

We have the expertise and fleet of vehicles which will check off every one of your desired goals. Let us craft joy for your travel group, no matter their size.

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